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Retired and writing full-time now, I am a former pastor and administrator at a human services organization, holding a Master of Divinity degree. I have been a weekly columnist for The Catholic Spirit, a contributor to The National Catholic Reporter, and an invited headline guest on ABC 20/20 and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio network.

Hailing originally from West Virginia, I now reside in Pennsylvania. Reading has been my passion since before I can remember. My brother carried a bat and ball. I carried a book. I still do. Lots of them. Some of them now have my name attached as the author. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing. I actually started as a playwright, wayyyy off-Broadway. In West Virginia, actually, in the basement of our family home. I wrote, directed and acted. My brother, reluctantly, took the stage too. Our parents watched. From an early age, I loved the act of creating - characters, scenes, stories - something that didn't exist before and now, at the point of my pen, did. Later it was a journal. After that a column in a newspaper, articles in others, and radio and TV. Now it's books. Fiction and non-fiction alike. I love a good story. I hope you will too. It's all about 'imagination,' isn't it? Yours and mine. When a writer and reader 'imagine' together, the world gets exponentially bigger - and a lot more fun to boot! I try to create stories that take me 'somewhere else.' I try to write something I would enjoy reading. Most especially, I try to write what I hope you will enjoy reading. If you don't, I still enjoyed doing the writing. If you do, it's the Fourth of July every day! 

My books are under two names, P.E. Tedesco for fiction, and Paul Tedesco for non-fiction.

Millennial Catholicism: What Needs Fixed First

 Millennial Catholicism: What Needs Fixed First is an iconoclastic admonition for the nation’s religious monolith to right its ship while it still can. Sixty-two million souls hang in the balance. An estimated sixteen million others have already given up. Ten essential threats confronting Catholicism are presented, with solutions an embattled hierarchy will not want to hear...

 Nobody Knows My Name

We Don’t Do the Macarena on Sunday

We’re Paying Lip Service to Half the Flock

We Have Problems in the Priesthood

The Stockholders Can’t Get in the Boardroom

We Need To Reinvent the Papacy

We Don’t Know Beans about the Bible

There Are Cobwebs in the Confessional

We Haven’t Figured Out How to Talk About Sex

We’ve Gotten Used to the Empty Pews

There's No Place Like (Nursing) Home - Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree

I have an Nh.D.  Doctorate in Nursing Homes.  I got it at the University of Experience. One day my mother moved into a nursing home. On another she died there. What happened in between changed my life.  There’s No Place Like (Nursing) Home – Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree is a book for my friends, almost all of whom I haven’t met.  They, like me, are getting older. So are their parents. Many are or will end up in nursing homes. Most who do will die there. Whether my friends learn to smile in between can change their lives too.

The book is a short folksy memoir, a compendium of stories about what I saw, learned, and felt, and how I learned to smile again, then and now. Three-part dementia-inspired operas will do that. So will listening to a saintly mom call a white nurse a “honky.” I found laughter amidst my tears. In the midst of the tempest, I also found serenity for a troubled soul. So can my friends.

Papal Audience - A Thriller


A beloved Pope has been kidnapped. His ransom: Bryce McIntyre, the President of the United States. The world watches as Cadyn Tunn, the crucified Vicar of Christ, is paraded across the world stage by Islamist captors via Internet streaming video, setting in motion a series of earth-shattering events designed to force the President to make the ultimate decision – her life for that of the Pope’s. 


In Vatican City, disgraced Swiss Guard Rodolphe Giger seeks to redeem his shattered reputation, and save his Pontiff, before it is too late, while malevolent Prince of the Church Lucano Oddi prepares to commit the most mortal of sins. A continent away, a psychological duel to the death ensues between captor Fatimah Saad and Tunn. In Washington, D.C., S.N.N. producer Madelyn Cacy receives a series of startling emails F.Y.E.O. – for your eyes only, casting her into the center of the storm. Meanwhile, Fatimah’s mysterious inamorato holds a secret that will bring an unsuspecting shell-shocked audience the world over to its knees. 


Each will be thrust into a cauldron that will test the very fiber of their souls. From the White House to Saint Peter’s Basilica, from the bedroom of a Cairo hotel to a lonely bunker in the vast wasteland of the Sahara, decisions large and small will determine if the keys of heaven can be protected from the powers of hell.


In Washington, D.C. and the Vatican, the clock is ticking. 

What I'm Reading!

Sycamore Row, by John Grisham

He's done it yet again.  A page-turner that will keep you up till the wee hours, but leave you smiling and yearning for more when you put it down.   Compelling- and real Mississipian, as always - characters, and a plot that grabs you by the throat from the first page and won't let go.  A great read!

Don't Know Much About the Civil War : Everything You Need to Know About America's Greatest Conflict But Never Leaned, by Kenneth Davis

Davis is a master historian, storyteller, and writer.  He 'gets it', that history isn't dates and facts, but stories - about real people, real events, real tragedies, and what happened 'behind the scenes.'  If you never liked history, try this.  I guarantee you'll like it by the time you're done.

Coming Soon!

If you like suspense, you'll like two new works of fiction published soon:

Princess of the Apostles - A secret of epic proportions hidden deep in the bowels of the Vatican for two millennia is exposed, the existence of a thirteenth apostle - Serah!


The Iscariot File - Did history's most notorious rogue, Judas Iscariot himself, share the bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth?  What if?!


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