Introducing Paul Tedesco



I am a former pastor and administrator at a human services organization, holding a Master of Divinity degree. I have been a weekly columnist for The Catholic Spirit, a contributor to The National Catholic Reporter, and an invited headline guest on ABC 20/20 and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio network.   

Reading has been my passion since before I can remember. My brother carried a bat and ball.  I carried a book. I still do. Lots of them.  Some of them now have my name attached as the author. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing. I actually started as a playwright, wayyyy off-Broadway.  In West Virginia, actually, in the basement of our family home. I wrote, directed and acted. My brother, reluctantly, took the stage too. Our parents watched. From an early age, I loved the act of creating - characters, scenes, stories - something that didn't exist before and now, at the point of my pen, did. Later it was a journal. After that a column in a newspaper, articles in others, and radio, TV and public speaking. Now it's books, fiction and non-fiction alike. I love a good story. I hope you will too. It's all about 'imagination,' yours and mine. When a writer and reader 'imagine' together, the world gets exponentially bigger - and a lot more fun to boot! I try to create stories that take me 'somewhere else.' I try to write something I would enjoy reading. Most especially, I try to write what I hope you will enjoy reading. If you don't, I still enjoyed doing the writing. If you do, it's the Fourth of July every day! 

My books are under two names, P.E. Tedesco for fiction, and Paul Tedesco for non-fiction.